CanadNow has published a series of Corona articles following the pandemic, but now’s your chance to chime in. Part of the reason we started this site was to create a sense of community for Canadians all across this country, from every walk of life. Now’s your chance to be heard.

Covid-19 has been a huge, generation-defining ordeal. Within a very short time-frame, we went from the first cases in Canada, to cancelled sports, to cancelled schools, to the current wholesale lockdown of our entire country.

No one could have prepared for this. The shock nothing short of a temporary armageddon. Jobs lost, lives disrupted, with many struggling to pay for groceries and everyday necessities.

Healthcare workers have found themselves on the global front lines, fighting an invisible enemy, putting themselves at risk every day. In some countries this has meant triaging patients in hallways, choosing who gets a ventilator, and who doesn’t.

Everyday people have been elevated to a similar pedestal: the grocery workers, postal workers, cleaning crews facing every day head on, risking exposure while performing duties society cannot function without. 

Government aid came. Wage subsidies, loans, bill relief, personal benefits. All to help severely affected Canadians weather this storm and come out the other side.

Now talk has started, in Canada, about re-opening. Not anytime soon — at least a month for the first steps, but the conversations are happening. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

In response to this first bit of good news since March, we thought it a good time for Canadians to vent their frustrations, share how the government measures have affected them, how their lives have changed, and what lies in store as we inch our way out of these dark times.

Start a conversation, and engage with your fellow Canadians. To recover from this, we have to depend on each other.

CanadNow will begin publishing articles about our return to normal.

Those articles will be shaped by your feedback.

Stay healthy.

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April 23, 2020 2:35 pm

I hope that Canadians stand for every Canadian for along time coming not just for this and then go on after this living for yourselves because it took lives from every part of Canada and some lost their lively hoods and some their jobs and their abilities to be independent and not rely on the government…