The head of a G7 country lobbying for a seat on the UN Security Council is paralyzed by pallets on a railway.

What should be the punchline for a Far Side cartoon is instead the reality faced by the Prime Minister, and Canada, for a month now. Staring down Russian aggression and Chinese influence is, apparently, within Trudeau’s wheelhouse, but protestors setting up illegal blockades across Eastern Canada, paralyzing the economy and everyday commutes, is something for which he’s unable to show resolve.

He has, for the last half decade, encouraged Canadians with his progressive stance across all issues, that he is the stalwart beacon we so desperately need to balance the climate, industry, and aboriginal rights. And when these issues come to a head what response does he have? More platitudes. More playing things down the middle, appeasing all sides. Not condemning blockades, while promoting more dialogue. All at the expense of everyday Canadians.

If only the PM’s notepad could conjure another fuzzy phrase to reassure all parties that his lack of leadership is, in fact, a strength.

Without doubt, First Nation land rights are a complicated issue. But Trudeau has prattled on about correcting them, and now is the time to actually do the hard work and resolve this conflict. As a corollary, rail blockades have to be publicly condemned. No member of this country is above the law, and when these actions directly impact daily business they need to be dealt with. The Prime Minister sets the tone.

This week, a tentative agreement with the Feds and Wet’suwet’en was achieved, but no details have yet been released.

No doubt every Canadian hopes, for the sake of this country, that it permanently resolves the dispute, the Wet’suwet’en feel vindicated, and any further rail blockades will be met with swift and severe punishment commensurate with a first world country.

If not, and this politically-correct dance macabre continues, Trudeau’s spine is gonna need a lot more than nice words to support it.


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